Our Capacity

Our team is highly qualified engineering staff backed by an experienced administration staff aiming a common goal and headed by a professional management.

Our office is equipped with the state-of-the-art data and application servers connected with employee’s PC’s to allow for sharing of information and teamwork. Array of engineering and management software are installed in each computer to support Al Baha design and project management capabilities.

Our updated library of references including international codes and standards, engineering text books, method statements, details, local and international product catalogs enables us to respond quickly with sound decisions.

Due to huge amount of correspondence and information we deal with, we use DataScan software to cope with our needs. This sophisticated software allows our site offices all around the globe to access the data server through Internet so that site offices can search, download and upload project documents with a finger click.

All projects documents like correspondence letters, RFI, request for shop drawing and material approvals, payment certicates…etc. are stored in the database of DataScan. In addition, users can process and forward the documents to other project staff for further processing. In this way, all project documents are organized, stored and can be accessed for unlimited years.